Feedback and Common Questions

Sending Documentation Feedback

We are always trying to improve the content and delivery of our online documentation, so we invite you to tell us what you think.

Note: Please be aware that these e-mail addresses are only for documentation feedback, and we do not have the resources to provide product support.

Answers to Common Questions

In order to provide you with more timely responses to common questions, we have included some answers and useful information below.

Product Installation and Support

For help with product installation and support issues, you can obtain information about Oracle support processes and offerings at the Oracle Support Services website at You can also send e-mail to [email protected].

Ordering Printed Documentation or Software

If you would like to purchase printed copies of Oracle documentation or copies of Oracle software, you can visit the Oracle Store at

Other Online Resources for Documentation and Information

You can find a large online documentation repository, along with other valuable resources and product downloads, at the Oracle Technology Network website at You can find installation and other platform documentation at

Searching for Documentation Information

The documentation library includes a Web-based search tool that enables you to search through the complete library of Oracle8i Release 3 (8.1.7) and Oracle9i documents. You can search for information about a particular product, parameter, file name, procedure, error message, or other area of interest. The search tool also makes it possible to construct a "virtual book" consisting of topics and procedures relevant for your needs drawn from the complete documentation library. The library also includes a comprehensive Master Index, as well as lists of SQL and PL/SQL keywords, initialization parameters, catalog views, and data dictionary views. This search tool is available at

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